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These Long Hairstyles Are Very Stylish Generous and High-end

Hairstyle is definitely a crucial part that affects a person's appearance, and only by choosing the right hairstyle can it bring bonus points. When the weather turns warm, why not try the following long hair styles, with a gentle and generous temperament.

Straight hair classic

Long hair styling can be divided into different types, mainly through the alternation and replacement of curls to create different effects. First, let's introduce the most classic straight hair style. Women with high hair volume can try it out, helping them fully showcase their advantages and bring a flowing state of long hair.

Not particularly lengthy straight hair, the entire hair tail will still present a relatively sharp feature. If the hairline looks good, the forehead can be fully displayed, paired with a suit, it can also present a slightly elevated sense of formality.

Curly hair fashionable

1. Up straight down curly

However, most people may still be more suitable for curly hair, as with the continuous adjustment of angles, simple modifications can be made to the lines of the face, which can also highlight a fashionable style. You can try a up straight down curly hairstyle, and at the end of the hair, try to reflect the sense of winding lines, making the hair become much fuller immediately.

The up straight down curly style is also quite influential among many female sexual groups. It will showcase an elegant image, but because the hair has a drooping feeling, it will not create a too messy or scattered visual effect. Only by giving curly hair features that are easy to manage can we spend the least time constructing the most stylish style.

2. Upward straight downward tilted

If you prefer a minimalist hairstyle, you can try a upward straight downward tilted style. The construction scheme of this hairstyle is also particularly simple and clear. Basically, use curly or straight hair sticks to curl outwards, and the main framework of the style can be built.

However, this requires women to control the scale of their outward curling hair to prevent excessive curling of the tail and insufficient matching with the clothing of the day. Like this hairstyle, it will show a slight outward flipping effect, giving the hair a sense of flying and bringing a carefree and unrestrained temperament.

Generally speaking, most people can accept curled hair, but its curling sensation must not be too significant, but rather maintain a gentle angle to have a more everyday feel.

The outward curled hair that up straight down curly can create a slight sense of flexibility, and the undulating effect of the entire hair can be adjusted through techniques, giving the hair an exceptionally smooth curve.

3. Micro curly hair

For most mature women, curly hair can better meet their needs. By using this countless styles of curling, it masks the edges and contours of the face, creating a soft effect on the curves. Among different types of curly hair, the audience for micro curly hair has always been very large, after all, this hairstyle does not show signs of aging due to concentrated curls or obvious small curls. It is best to keep a woman's face and image atmospheric.

The style of long hair, with a relatively soft and slightly curled effect, can give the hair a different fashionable atmosphere. If the hair is indeed delicate and soft, and the amount of hair is particularly small, straight hair will be exposed insufficiently. Why not perm a head of slightly curly hair? Whether it's the front or back, it's very beautiful, and paired with a suit or vest, it has a sense of professionalism.

Mature women are indeed very suitable for perming slightly curly hair. This hairstyle has a compatibility effect on their personal appearance or age, and in terms of clothing matching, they can take a casual route and combine particularly rigorous items.

4. Egg roll hair

Among all hairstyles, especially curly hair, egg roll hair is undoubtedly the most attractive. Those women who want to focus on the construction of age reducing effects should not miss this hairstyle, which also forms a specially regular and neat hair radian.

The key point of shaping egg roll hair is not to curl up too much, especially in the head area. It is not necessary to use curl to make the hair fluffy, but try to create this special and neat line feeling in two-thirds of the hair area. If it can be supported with bangs, it will double the cute and youthful feeling.

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