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These Long Hair Styles Are The Most Classic and Exude a Sense of Style

Most people can display a better mental state and appearance through the "baptism" of their hairstyle, but the premise is that the selected hairstyle matches the individual's appearance and clothing quite well. It seems that the following long hair styles are still the most classic and stylish.

1. Different long hair styles

Shoulder length straight hair

There is a very obvious difference between long hair and short hair. If the hair is longer, the individual's temperament will become more elegant, while short hair can depict the characteristics of being capable and more sexy, so the styles of the two are very different.

Long hair can be roughly divided into two types, one is long straight hair, and the other is long curly hair, which has different curls. For example, this hairstyle belongs to the category of shouldered straight hair, with hair flowing down to the end. It is definitely a great hairstyle with a very atmospheric atmosphere. The hair style is divided into the middle part. The hair style is more symmetrical. The hair on both sides can cover the Angle of the mandible. Pinning the hair behind the ear results in a larger proportion of facial expression and a more streamlined appearance.

Straight hair is a very popular hairstyle because of its simple construction and uncomplicated techniques, which can be quickly shaped and improve the smoothness of the hair.

Long straight hair covers the forehead with air bangs, making the edges of the face softer. For those whose facial shapes are not very small, adding this type of bangs also has a particularly prominent effect on enhancing the atmosphere.

Shawl curly hair

However, long straight hair may have requirements for the quantity of hair. If the hair is not thick or plump, it will appear thinner and softer due to straightening the hair, and this type of person is more suitable for perming shawl curls.

There are various differences in curls in shawl curls, while those large wavy curls exude a distinct feminine vibe. This curly hair won't be too challenging for one's facial features like big wave curls, and can be controlled without a bright appearance, emitting a delicate and elegant atmosphere. It's best to pair it with a shorter white floral jacket or a white cardigan, both of which are very neat.

Shoulder length curly hair can give women a mature charm. It can visually enhance their facial appearance more than straight hair styling. In terms of hair structure, the diameter of the curling rod can be adjusted to create the desired curly shape.

High ponytail

For women who do not like to wear their hair, it is convenient to tie up a long straight hair and tie it up into a ponytail to find a suitable positioning point, whether it is high or low.

The high ponytail is a large hairstyle that highlights the face, with fragmented hair in the forehead area, which can effectively cover the bald feeling on the forehead and is very natural. However, if there is less hair and a high hairline, this hairstyle cannot be copied, but improvements should be made on this basis to achieve a higher degree of matching. You can cut a bangs and pair them with a high ponytail, which not only beautifies the face shape but also appears energetic and energetic.

2. Matching hat and earrings

Round earrings

In addition to choosing a good hairstyle, you also need to match earrings or hats according to your outfit to make the look more harmonious, complete, and exquisite. Here's an introduction to earrings, which are perfect for pairing with long straight or curly hair.

Circular earrings, although large in size, are not very bulky as long as specific materials are selected. They can also effectively enhance the face shape, achieving a contrasting and contrasting effect. This type of earring is relatively simple, and despite the passage of time, its classic status cannot be shaken, and it is harmonious with various hairstyles.

Straw hat

In addition to selecting specific earrings to increase the fashion value of the entire design, during the spring and summer seasons, many hats can be integrated into the entire design, achieving the effect of sun shading and decoration.

The straw hat with a large brim is full of spring atmosphere. When going out to play, wearing this hat can also resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays. It is perfect to use this wide hat shape to highlight the small size of the face shape. It can be paired with straight hair that hangs down or curly hair that has a fluffy feel, both of which have a sense of atmosphere.

Baseball cap

The straw hat may have the attributes of a particular season, but the Baseball cap is different. It can be worn in every season, but its style is more neutral or cool.

The most classic and simple white Baseball cap, combined with straight hair, can be used to cover the hair that may not be fluffy and dry, so that the area above the head can be covered. And the drooping hair can also add a gentle charm appropriately, combined with a round neck sweater and a white half skirt, not only the color matching is perfect, fresh and high-end, but also the overall temperament is better.

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