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Why Is It So Ugly After Just Perming Your Hair?

Freshly permed hair is very ugly, mainly from three aspects: 1. The hairstyle is too old, which brings a feeling of aging and ugly; 2. The roll shape is too small and too many, lacking a sense of fashion, and can also appear old, rustic, and even ugly; 3. The newly permed hairstyle is too different from the expected effect, and I may not be able to accept it for a while, and may also feel very ugly.

This issue teaches you how to get your hair done. From the perspective of choosing a Hairdresser, we will analyze the reasons for the ugliness after perm in detail through three details, and teach you how to avoid the pit and get a satisfactory haircut.

Firstly, style selection is crucial

The hair style that is ironed out is very ugly, indicating that the style was not chosen correctly because the hairstyle is closely related to age. When choosing a perm, it is important to consider popular factors and choose according to the feeling of being ten years younger than the actual age. The effect of the perm will only appear youthful. If you follow your true age or choose some traditional hairstyles, it will definitely look old and unattractive when ironed.

No matter how old you are, looking old will definitely make you look very ugly. So, at the age of 70, it feels like it's 50 or 60 years old, at the age of 60, it feels like it's 40 or 50 years old, at the age of 50, it feels like it's 30 or 40 years old, and at the age of 40, it feels like it's young people, so it won't overturn.

Secondly, the selection of roll type is important

The newly permed hairstyle is very ugly, possibly due to too many or too small curls. A perm is a hairstyle made up of different curls, so it is important to choose the curl that suits you. If you are under the age of 40, it is best not to choose rolls that are too tight or too small, as small rolls are difficult to control and can easily age, making you look ugly.

Under the age of 40, it is best to have natural curls, curves, or wavy curls as the main style. If you have to choose small curls due to low hair volume and soft hair quality, then you need to reduce the aging feeling of small curls through style and hair color. At the age of 50 or 60, try to choose a medium to large roll to look youthful and add a sense of fashion.

Thirdly, what suits oneself is the best curly hair

To make a newly permed hairstyle look great, it is necessary to combine the popular perm with one's own hair quality, head shape, face shape, and temperament for design, rather than blindly pursuing curls or durability. Curly hair that lacks a sense of fashion can easily appear ugly.

Reduce the amount of fine and soft hair, and try to choose some short and curly hair types. The hair is thick and hard, with a wide range of options. The length can be designed according to personal preferences by Teacher Tony. If the hair quality is poor and severely damaged, it is best not to choose a too large curl shape because this type of hair has poor support and cannot achieve good results. It is recommended to choose a small and medium-sized curl hairstyle, but the style and color should be taken care of first to make up for the aging feeling of small curls.

For people under 30 or 40 years old, do not excessively pursue curl, and choose some natural curls that are like curls but not curls. The effect is better. In the age group of fifty or sixty, you can choose some layered curls, big waves, and other hairstyles, which are fashionable and feminine. If you choose short hair, you should also consider waves rather than curls, such as Hong Kong style Trojan horse curls, which are very suitable. Older women are more suitable for fluffy and full curls, which not only show hair volume but also have vitality.

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