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Three Short Hair Styles Suitable For Summer

Almost all women have the ideas of becoming beautiful, but not all of them can achieve this goal in one move. They should continue to work step by step to improve their image from all aspects. And hairstyle is the key step inside, and if you go the right way, the effect on improving your appearance will be immediate.

If a woman wants to be more beautiful, choosing the right hairstyle is the key, after all, it has an impact on the expression of her face shape. Moreover, finding the right hairstyle and choosing a good hairstylist can help her see her own changes without going through too long. First, you can determine the suitable hair length for yourself. Cutting short hair in summer is cooler and there is no problem with hair falling out.

There are still many specific types of short hair, which can be roughly divided into three categories - inner buckled short hair, S-shaped short hair, and exposed ear short hair. Their styles are visually different and bring different styles, which can be used as a reference for hair cutting.

1. Inner buckled short hair is the least picky

There are layers at the end of the hair

Although short hair can display a sharp feeling, it can give people a different visual experience due to the specific curvature and length of the hair. Let's start with manageable short hair here, and the inner buckle style wave head is not picky about face shape and age.

The internal buckled short hair has similarities in its appearance due to the fixed curvature. You can cut your hair one centimeter above your chin or one or two centimeters below your chin to cover your wide face. And in the position of the hair tail, forming a sense of hierarchy, there will be no stiffness. This hairstyle is quite versatile in any occasion and can become the first choice for women who are just in need of cutting their hair short.

Manicured cut at the end of the hair

However, not everyone likes layered buttoned short hair at the end, and there are also some women who really like a manicured cut style short hair. This hairstyle has a neat tail, and through consistent tail length, it brings a refreshing and unrestrained feeling.

The manicured cut short hair with an inner buckled style will keep the hair on the side of the face, behind the ears, and other areas neatly arranged together, exposing the neck, making it very refreshing. And in terms of the formation of the inner buckle curve, everyone has their own ideas. Forty year old women should try this short hair with a larger curvature to avoid messy hair strands. With the help of the "small space" created by the use of inner hair buttons, we can help you decorate some dead corners on your side face.

The manicured cut style short hair can be slightly shorter, which can leverage the advantages manicured cut. This type of short hair is quite atmospheric and won't lose its sense of daily life.

Choose a four to six manicured cut short hair style, with the end of the hair aligned with the ears to increase visual space and elongate the neck line. For women whose foreheads are not very full or their hairlines are indeed too high, they can add slanted bangs or center bangs to further compress excessive facial space and enhance their gentle, beautiful, and intellectual temperament.

2. S-shaped short hair

In terms of the length selection of short hair, it is recommended not to be too short in order to show high adaptability. In terms of the shaping of radians, you can have different ideas and then try, so that you can find your own "Ideal type type" among many hairstyles with different curls and shapes.

Inner buckled short hair will reflect a large C-shaped silhouette, belonging to a very simple hairstyle. To add a sense of fashion, you can also choose S-shaped short hair, which will also look great. The S-shaped curve of this short hair is not too large and will not be exaggerated. The key is to make the hair on the ear side become fluffy and swollen, which has a better effect on modifying the face shape. Simple outward curling of the hair tail, incorporating visual fluctuations.

After looking at so many short hair styles, one can tell their aesthetic preferences. Among them, the S-shaped short hair brings a very trendy temperament and style, and there are not too strict requirements for controlling the curvature scale. You can either go to a hair salon to iron a fixed shape or use a curling stick to create your own desired effect.

The S-shaped short hair curls the hair on the side of the face backwards, with a less noticeable undulation. The hair at the end of the hair is also slightly curled, making it more everyday. A few simple strands of air bangs on the forehead create a sweeter face. Paired with pink and tender makeup, it can reduce age by several years.

3. High level short hair with exposed ears

Among all the short hair styles, there is another one that is also very suitable for summer, which is open eared short hair. Generally, people will choose high-level types, which can form a striking and prominent sense of hierarchy, and modify the proportion of the face vertically. When the top of the head is relatively flat, this hairstyle seems to be tailored to it, creating a full and three-dimensional contour.

High level exposed ear short hair, on the one hand, increases the refreshing and three-dimensional feeling of the face by exposing the ears, and on the other hand, it can also construct a texture on the hair, which will visually lift the top of the skull and appear more energetic. However, some people are concerned that short hair with exposed ears may have the risk of being too sexy. If they don't like this style, they can add bangs that are suitable for them to soften their temperament.

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