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Three Fashionable And High-end Long Hair Styles

Everyone's aesthetic orientation or appearance are inconsistent, and they also have their own considerations regarding the length of their hair. Some women look better with long hair and are more likely to highlight their elegant and gentle aura. They can try the following three hairstyles, which are very suitable for use in summer, reducing age and being high-end.

1. Baseball cap+slightly curly hair

Decorate the cranial crest

In summer, there are still some women who like to spread their hair to create an elegant atmosphere. But if they don't think there is much creativity in the total hair, they can also use the combination of Baseball cap and micro curly hair to create a breakthrough in style.

Micro curly hair focuses on creating a lazy atmosphere. Sometimes, it can help women highlight their femininity. But with the addition of Baseball cap, the overall style is instantly reversed. Like this green Baseball cap, it just connects with the green shirt on the body to form a clever color, which is more simple.

Micro curly hair is a hairstyle that can be adjusted at will in terms of the curvature of the hair, but the folding sensation of the hair is not too obvious, the undulation is not significant, and it is easier to appear more daily than large wavy curly hair.

You can curl up your own slightly curly hair with irregular curves in the summer, and try to buckle the ends as much as possible to appear more obedient. With a beige Baseball cap, it also has street style and casual flavor. Using this hat can cover the relatively flat skull top. Especially for women with narrow facial shapes, this type of hat is perfect for wearing.

Matching Tank Top

The combination of micro curly hair and Baseball cap instantly gives the whole look a sense of leisure. You can also adapt to this tone in terms of clothing to match a particularly comfortable wear.

The matching of Baseball cap and micro curly hair can easily match the loose tone. If the body is particularly tight and beautiful, you can also use a simple slim vest to reveal a large area of skin, so as to get a cool experience.

Combining T-shirts

Micro curly hair can show more hair, while the Baseball cap covers the top of the head, which will only show the lower half of the hair, and also has the effect of blocking the sun. This hairstyle combination mode can be used to enhance the casual tone.

In terms of clothing coordination, it is advisable to make certain adjustments based on the hat and hairstyle. The combination of beige Baseball cap and slightly curly hair with an inner button can add a touch of gentleness to the vitality. You can wear the most basic white T-shirt without making mistakes, and it is also very refreshing.

2. High ponytail

For women who are not particularly particular about their hairstyle, they can tie up their long hair to welcome this summer and prevent it from accumulating in the neck area, making it appear thick and heavy.

The shaping method of the high horse tail is relatively fast, and it does not waste time or have too many complicated operation steps. You can first tie your hair into a bundle and find a suitable height to fix it properly. Afterwards, it is necessary to adjust the bangs according to the hairline or face shape in order to find a hairstyle that suits oneself.

The high ponytail is very suitable for summer use, after all, this high hanging hairstyle can make one's own state appear more lively and full of vitality. With no obstruction to the neck skin, it instantly appears refreshed.

If there is not a lot of hair and you are worried that straight hair will make the ponytail appear less, you can first cut the hair into a casual curve, which can expand the volume of the hair through this shape.

This summer, it's important to try a high ponytail hairstyle, as it doesn't require age and can appear more agile and energetic, without being picky about clothing.

3. High Bun

The shaping process of the high bun is not overly complex than that of the high ponytail. First, on the basis of the ponytail, a simple ball is wound and the hair is fixed, and the entire prototype is established. Just to make bun appear more rounded and full, we still need to make slight adjustments in the details to give the hair a beautiful curve.

To adjust the hairstyle based on one's own face shape, for example, for this woman, her entire facial contour is quite beautiful, and her facial features are particularly three-dimensional. It can try a bright style bun, without the need to use bangs or broken hair to create an atmosphere, and can be very neat.

If you want to create a sweeter or more energetic style, and the face shape is not particularly symmetrical and compact, you can try cutting an air bangs and matching it with a high bun, which will easily shape the effect of reducing age by several years.

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