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Why Are More And More Women Liking Short Hair

Many women are willing to spend a certain amount of time, money, and energy on hairstyles because they feel that choosing the right hairstyle can bring about a facelift and even enhance their image score several times. If you are a careful person, it is not difficult to find that short hair is becoming increasingly important in the hairstyle industry. Everyone likes to cut their hair short, which not only conforms to the trend but also brings a practical sense of luxury.

Why is short hair so popular in recent years? This is because the weight of short hair itself is not obvious, and it does not lower height due to short stature. It can visually lift the center of gravity, creating a particularly sharp and energetic image. Moreover, in terms of specific short hair shaping, two rough classifications can be created: short straight hair or short curly hair, and there are still a wide range of hair styles to choose from.

Compared to various types of long hair, short hair actually has the advantage of not choosing age. Even if a woman's entire facial shape, especially the downward movement of her muscles, cutting short hair can be used to make the overall state of the person more energetic as much as possible. Women with various facial shapes can also create an aging effect by adding bangs.

The once popular manicured bangs are already outdated, and now they are the world of splayed bangs and air bangs. The styles constructed by the two are actually slightly different, but air bangs have the advantage of embellishing the hairline. Like this short hair, it has a sleek hairstyle that, when paired with air bangs, covers the forehead to a certain extent.

In addition to being able to conceal the fading hairline and relatively bald forehead, air bangs also have the advantage of adjusting styles. After all, short hair, especially those that are too short, can actually lead to a more neutral overall image of women. But most women may not like tomboy style hairstyles, but rather hope to reveal some feminine charm, so they can use air bangs to create a sweet and gentle atmosphere.

Short hair can not only combine bangs to create a salty or sweet style, but also be combined with various glasses to shape a face and twist temperament.

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