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Short Hair Is The Right Way To Open Summer!

Many women pay special attention to maintaining their body shape, hoping to maintain a slim figure and improve their image. In fact, hairstyles are also a particularly important part. Some women can showcase their best looks and appearance with the help of appropriate hairstyles, which can greatly alter their overall appearance.

There are also some women who change their hairstyles every season. Short hair is the correct way to open up summer, and this type of hairstyle has one thing in common, creating a sharp and clean feeling. For women with different facial shapes, their choice of short hair will not be too similar. If you don't have a clear direction in selecting hairstyles, you can get some inspiration from these hairstyles below.

There are several common types of short hair, the most classic of which are bob hair, exposed ear short hair, and layered short hair. It can also be paired with eyebrow bangs, air bangs, and splay bangs according to the facial contour to show a delicate look.

Different categories of short hair

1. The simplest internal buckle bob hair

Short hair can help people spend this summer in a cool and refreshing way. Its overall shape is quite diverse, and with just a few small changes in hairstyle, the direction of style will be greatly different. Here we will first introduce the most representative hairstyle - the bob hair, which forms a relatively simple style and is the most atmospheric, accommodating everyone's age is not a problem.

2. Layered short hair

Bob hair may make people feel that the style is too simple and the creation of fashion sense is not sufficient. If you want to try more short hair styles, you can also take a look at layered short hair. Compared to the internal buckle bob hair, it has a more structured overall hairstyle.

For women who have less hair, try this short hair. It is a big hair style that can be cool and cute. It can be cute, fashionable and mature. Because using curly hair to keep the hairstyle fixed, it won't curl up because the hair is thin and soft, making the hair look thicker. Unlike the inner buckle short hair, this hairstyle highlights the contour of the face to a certain extent, retaining its lightweight characteristics.

The difference between layered short hair and one size fits all short hair is that the former gives the hair a well-arranged visual effect, which is more friendly to flat headed individuals. Layered hair can be used to fill the flat area at the back of the head. The image presented by the latter will be relatively simple, and the cropped hair will retain a smoother and smoother curvature, suitable for forming a full dressing style of an imperial sister.

The visual effect brought by layered short hair is still quite beautiful, with a strong sense of air and a very fluffy overall. By using bangs to reduce facial space, women with a pointed chin can use this hairstyle to create an effect similar to a small V-face if the upper half of their face is wide.

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