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Why Suggest Women Wear Short Hair After The Age Of 40?

Whether it's keeping long hair or cutting short hair, it's always a personal choice. But if you want to use your hairstyle to add a sense of sophistication or to enhance your personal appearance, you need to be more cautious in this regard. After all, the difference in hair length actually has a significant impact on the expression of facial shape and temperament.

After women turn 40, it is recommended that they cut their hair short because long hair visually lowers the visual center of gravity. If the face is wide or the figure is relatively round, it will accumulate in the back or waist area, making it appear less energetic and dragging. Short hair will bring a more agile image.

Here are two short hair styles for everyone, one of which is a mid cut short hair. The characteristic of this hairstyle is that the overall style is particularly simple, and the time spent on hair every day is not too much, which can create a capable outfit that is very suitable for professionals. The second is the big back hair, which highlights an exceptionally tough and heroic image, belonging to a highly recognizable style.

1. Mid part short hair

Among the many short hair styles, if you are pursuing a more elegant look, it is more recommended to choose mid length short hair, straight hair, or short hair with a slight curling effect. The focus of this type of hairstyle is to give the hair a sense of line and not create messy small curls.

A mid length short hair with a slight curling effect will not diminish the sense of neatness, especially when the hair is made into simple inner buckles or a slight outward curling effect, which can keep the hairstyle fashionable.

2. A distinctive big back hair

Every woman needs to choose short hair based on their age and facial shape. If they are particularly confident in their facial contour and think their facial features are also good, they can also try this distinctive big back hair. It belongs to the existence that most women are a bit afraid of, afraid of appearing particularly tough and neutral in style, but in fact, if their temperament is cool and sassy, this hairstyle can actually reflect an advantage.

The characteristic of a big back hair is that it allows the hair to be combed all the way back, presenting a prominent effect on the entire face shape, thus making the image of a woman quite cold and heroic. And precisely because the hair will be stacked in the area of the head, it can actually have a head-on effect, and the overall shape of the head is still very beautiful.

Why is it recommended for women to try more short hair styling after the age of 40? This is because short hair is constructed in a variety of styles, which always allows people to choose without restrictions. In addition, after cutting short hair, it can reflect a more agile posture. In terms of hair care, it doesn't require too much effort.

Latest articles